Multi-Color Polyjet


Multi-color swatch

About Multi-Color Polyjet

Multi-Color Polyjet is a rigid plastic material printed on the Stratasys J750 printer. The printer uses Polyjet technology to print in multiple Vero materials, including a clear plastic, to achieve 500,000 color combinations for translucent or opaque, full-color products. Multi-Color Polyjet is great for durable and realistic visual prototypes, medical models, and displays.

Common Applications

Medical Models, Teaching Aids, Visual Prototypes, Demonstration Displays

Material Properties

Full Color
Good Details

Handling and Care

Heatproof icon
Heat Deflection 45C/113F
Chemical resistance icon
Good Chemical Resistance

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take before I receive a model in this material?

Production times depend on the model size, but usually products ship in 8 business days with Priority manufacturing. The shipping time depends on your location and your chosen speed.

How is this material made?

Multi-Color Polyjet is made using the Stratasys J750 which digitally deposits material onto a build tray which is then cured with a UV light. The build platform lowers and the process is repeated to build the subsequent layers until the part is fully built. The printer has several print heads that can deposit several types and colors of material in each layer to create full-color parts.

What file type is required for full color printing?

Color parts require texture maps. A standard .STL file will not be sufficient for a color part. Color models must be submitted as a single compressed .ZIP file containing a .DAE, .WRL, .X劲爆体育在线直播, .X劲爆体育在线直播B, or .X劲爆体育在线直播V with .PNG, .JPG, or .GIF texture files. If you can only provide an .OBJ please contact our Sales team.

How do I print in clear, with voxel level color, or in specific Pantone colors?

Instant quoting and online order placement is currently only available for textured files. To take advantage of the full capabilities of the Stratasys J750, please contact our Sales team.

Technical Documents

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  • Bounding Box
  • Wall Thickness
  • Wires
  • Surface Details
  • Clearance
  • Interlocking Parts
  • Multiple Parts
  • Layer Thickness
  • Color
  • Design Tips
  • Pricing


490 × 390 × 200 mm
2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 mm

Your model should be within the minimum and maximum bounding box sizes. The maximum bounding box represents the largest model that our printers can produce. The minimum bounding box size is the smallest dimension in which we can print in this material.


Min Supported Wall Thickness
1.0 mm
Min Unsupported Wall Thickness
1.0 mm

A supported wall is connected on at least two sides. Walls in your model must meet the minimum measurements to ensure it survives the printing and cleaning process. Thin walls are prone to warping during printing and are fragile to clean. Objects that meet the minimum requirements may still be rejected based on the geometry in which case our production team will communicate with you if the design needs improvements and can assist you to strengthen your model.


Min Supported Wires
1.0 mm
Min Unsupported Wires
1.0 mm

A geometry is considered a wire when it is thinner in both unconnected directions than its length. Wires that are under our suggested minimums are prone to breaking in the cleaning process.


Min embossed detail
0.5 mm high & wide
Min engraved detail
0.5 mm deep & wide

We recommend these minimum measurements for details like embossing or engraving, based on printer resolution.


0.4 mm

Clearance is the space between an two parts, e.g. space between gears or a ball and socket joint.




Yes. Up to 100.

Layer Thickness

27 microns


Color parts require texture maps. A standard .STL file will not be sufficient for a color part. Color models must be submitted as a single compressed .ZIP file containing a .DAE, .WRL, .X劲爆体育在线直播, .X劲爆体育在线直播B, or .X劲爆体育在线直播V with .PNG, .JPG, or .GIF texture files. If you have uploaded your color model properly, the colors will appear in the 劲爆体育在线直播 render when you select your material and at checkout. If a the 劲爆体育在线直播 render is all gray or all black the model will not print in color.

Please note that color files cannot be resized on Shapeways because the texture map will no longer link properly to the model. If you need to adjust the size of the model, please do so on your 劲爆体育在线直播 design software and re-export, zip, and upload your resized model.

Please see this tutorial for additionaly help creating and exporting files for color printing.


Print Lines or "Stepping"

A "staircase" effect, or print lines, can occur on the surface of your print. These can become more pronounced on curved and angled surfaces

Avoid "Spikes"

If your model has spike-like geometry where the spike is longer than it is wide, it's possible for it to break in the cleaning process.


Note: Clear material only available when ordering through our Sales Team.

The clear material coming off the printer is translucent like frosted glass and is not optically clear. Wet sanding, starting at a lower grit sandpaper (300-grit) and working up to a higher grit sandpaper (1000-grit) to smooth out the outer surface and then coating with a glossy clear coat will improve transparency.


What is the minimum price per part?




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